Backup Camera

The Quantum backup camera is one camera with many uses and promotes safety with a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees.

It’s one camera with many uses! The backup camera is one of the top Quantum wheelchair accessories available. The Quantum camera promotes safety with a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees. Available exclusively on Q-Logic 3, this camera will become available on NE and NE+ controllers in the future. Read on to discover the great benefits of this camera!

The Quantum Camera Provides Greater Visibility

When driving your power chair forward, you can see whatever is in front of you. Driving in reverse is a different story! When driving your power wheelchair out in public, it may be difficult to see when reversing in a parking lot or parking garage, especially if you are unable to turn your head or neck. The backup camera helps you to see cars, pedestrians, cyclists or other obstacles. When at home, there are all kinds of things that can get in your way. That’s why it is important to know what’s behind you when reversing. Door frames, furniture, pets and children are visible to you with the Quantum camera. The 3.5" LCD display, equipped with a protective case to prevent damage, helps to see when reversing. You can mount the LCD display off your power chair’s armrest or side rails, so it’s visible to you while driving. The Quantum camera allows a consumer to choose between two modes: the camera is always on or the camera turns on with a reverse command.

Visibility at Night with the New Quantum Camera

The new Quantum camera offers infrared capabilities, perfect for visibility in low-lighted areas or at night. The sun sets a lot earlier during the winter months, but many wheelchair users have appointments to keep, errands to run, and social gatherings to attend. The power chair backup camera is a great tool for wheelchair users to have. Whether you are backing up your power chair into the bathroom at night or reversing in a dim parking lot, the wheelchair backup camera has you covered.



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  • Multiple mounting options available for the camera
  • 3.5″display with a protective case to prevent damage
  • Choose between two modes: camera on at all times or camera turns on with a reverse command
  • The display can be mounted off the armrest or side rails
  • Infrared capabilities allow for use at night
  • Available exclusively on Q-Logic 3, but will also be available on NE/NE+ in the future

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